NAN Microdrives

Key features
The NAN drive system is a patented Electrode Positioning System for recording electrical activity from the brain and nervous system. The uniquely designed NAN’s Electrode Positioning Systems provide their users with powerful tools to manipulate each electrode individually along X, Y, and Z axes. In addition, they are modular and can operate from 1 to 16 channels.

• Modular and adaptable to the end user´s requirements.
• Enable advancement of up to 16 microelectrodes/tetrodes independently
• Suitable for cortical and deep brain recordings
• Provide a stable recording for hours.
• Systems are user-friendly and computer-controlled with an optional hand-held remote control.
• Sophisticated controller with a user-friendly GUI that allows users to communicate with a 19” rack-mount control box via a standard interface.
• A possibility of simultaneous operation of the same controller from up to four computers.
• No need to install additional computer hardware.

• Various electrode arrangements are available with the patented Base design, allowing each electrode/tetrode to be positioned individually on the X-Y plane within a user-defined working range, with and without grid
• All electrodes can be tilted at the same angle
• Each electrode can be tilted individually

Noise Management
• Noise-free movement: continuous noise-free recording while the electrode scans the tissue at any velocity

Travel Range and Velocity
• Direct coupling between motors and electrodes shuttles for accurate placement